All these were taken by me, except for one taken by my boyfriend. I keep getting obsessive with the aesthetic of all white, or shades of white. It's like I have a special eye for it. There are certain people who turn their entire internet presence into a matter of just monochromatic shades and it baffles me. I can't get enough of it. From time to time I like to indulge in their blogs or instagrams or what have you and just cleanse my clogged up aesthetic plate.

Everything white (or black and white) is like an alternate universe for me, and bloggers who manage to stick to rigid color schemes must find solace in the absence of excess as well. My main problem is my actual lifestyle--and how bursting with excess it really is. I'm not rich, but I have a lot of things cluttering my familiar spaces constantly. It's stressful and colorful and overwhelming. 

In my mini instagram 'about me' blurb I put "a maximalist with minimal undertones." It hardly makes any sense, but it's my little way of proclaiming that I am truly a maximalist-- I love lots of jewelry, makeup, clothes, THINGS, people, love; but in the "undertones" of my daily existence, I truly find peace with the idea of minimal colors, things, and just ways of life. If that makes sense. When I strip everything down to what it's really worth, I get this primal satisfaction that no excess of anything could really gratify.

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