I follow about a million blogs that only consist of girls posting pictures of themselves.... I don't think much of it as a reader, but posting all these photos of myself starts to feel pretty vain.. I'll get over it. 

I took these in the forest behind my dorm on my last day before finals. It was beautifully warm outside so I took the opportunity to enjoy it while skipping English class (for good reasons, I swear). At one point I noticed a deer that was much closer to me than what I was comfortable with. It was quite the adventure, especially not falling off that godforsaken pipe.
I'm also enjoying photoshop tons right now, I'm getting my practice in with these.

I took these last week on the top of one of my school's parking garages. I really liked my outfit that day, and last second I realized I should take some pictures, even though the sun was already going down. So I took the elevator to the top of the parking garage, praying no one was there. It's hard getting any alone time/open space on campus EVER. The first picture was my first location, which clearly didn't work out. But I still like the picture for some reason. 
I want to keep taking photos, but I'm tired of being the only one around when I find a great location or something. So this will be half "self portraits" half "fashion blog," I guess.

Yay more original work! These are a few things that spit up from my desk these past few days. I'm trying to keep the creative juices flowing! I need more motivation to keep posting here though, I think I can do it though. Hopefully soon I'll have another outfit post up or something. It's just Connecticut has been having some dreary weather lately. I can't stand how early it gets dark.
I'll be making some more collages and posting them here too soon.

Here's some photographs taken by Kyler Zeleny that I found while floating around the interwebs recently. Everything I've been happening upon has been so inspiring to my own interests. I've had a non-stop stream of creative thoughts thrown my way, but I do nothing with any of these inspirations. Too much homework is taking up my time; and the rest I leave to hanging out with friends. I should prioritize if I want to leave any sort of creative mark sometime in my life, shouldn't I...

A little photo evidence of my life as of the past couple of months. It's a shame that half of these pictures I took from my friends as opposed to me taking them. I need to break out my camera, even if sometimes I'd rather be carrying nothing at all. I need to give my friend Todd a hug for always being the one documenting everything, even if he doesn't tag the pictures on facebook. :)
Some of these were taken in my hometown, some were from school in New Haven. 

On Halloween, me and a group of friends went to a punk cover band show called Daggett Street, on (you guessed it) Daggett Street in New Haven. The show was an amazing experience; with the intensity of my surroundings, including the crowd of people and the gross/beautiful/heavily graffitied loft, being an even crazier experience. Next time, I'll have more pictures of it, rather than just a dinky one of me with my cupcake hat and me and my buddy Matt walking up to Daggett.

"I think it’s great for two people to be together. That is a good number. I think, that to keep it alive though, you can’t spend every day together. It wears out the magic, Love means nothing to me if it’s not fortified with fierce, painful longing, brief explosive instances of furious passion and intimacy and then a sad parting for a time. In that way, you can give your life to it and still have a life of your own. I think some couples spend too much time together. They flatten out the potential for experience by constant closeness. Passion builds over time like steam. Let it rage until it’s exhausted and then leave it alone to let it build up again. Why can’t love be insane and distorted? How can it be vital if it has the same threshold as normal day-to-day experience? 
Why can’t you write burning letters and let your nocturnal self smolder with desire for one who is not there? Why not let the days before you see her be excruciating and ferment in your mind so on the day you go to the airport to pick her up, you’re nearly sick with anticipation? And then when desire shows the first sign of contentment, throw it back it its cage and let it slowly build itself back into a state of starved fury. Then when you are together, it all matters. So that when you look into her eyes, you lose your balance, so that when she touches you, it feels like you have never been touched before. When she says your name, you think it was she who named you. When she has gone, you bury your face in the pillow to smell her hair and you lie awake at night remembering your face in her neck, her breathing and the amazing smell of her skin. Your eyes go wet because you want her so bad and miss her so much. Now that is worth the miles and the time. That matches the inferno of life. Otherwise you poison each other with your presence day after day as you drag each other through the inevitable mundane aspects of your lives. That is the slow death that I see slapped on faces everywhere I go. It’s part of the world’s sadness that’s more empty than cold, poorly lit rooms in cities of the American night. 

Henry Rollins

“Yet she likes complications. She wishes she could turn and say: I like people who unbalance me.”
Let the Great World Spin, Colum McCann

I'm wearing a f21 jacket, j.crew floral shirt, f21 black shirt, h&m jeans, demonia creepers.
I'm not sure what I was doing when I was taking these pictures. I didn't exactly get the shot I wanted, but whatever. I'm putting them here so I didn't completely waste my time. I'm writing this post from home, I'm excited to unwind in my bedroom. My dorm is okay, but it's nice to be here. Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm finally going to be 18! This means clubs, lottery tickets, gambling, cigarettes, and a nice bong. (for tobacco use, obviously...)
Or was I doing that already?

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