Yeah all opinions are subjective, but it should be a fact that this collection is nothing short of amazing. What even. These pictures are taken from Studded Hearts, and after scrolling through her post of the entire collection I was like WHAT.
The first ensemble is my favorite. The red trousers are like a slap in the face compared to the rest of the more subtle tones throughout the other pieces. Clearly I'm not fashion journalist or anything like that, but the simple beauty of these outfits are really visually appealing. The obnoxious cropped flare trousers and the fact that the dark browns and blacks seamlessly flow with the pastels really just tickles my fancy right now. If only I had da $$$$$$

I seem to save everything for the last minute. It's exactly 3 AM right now, and I told myself I'd get more sleep tonight, there goes that! I wore this outfit to a New Year's party at my friends house, and it turned out very comfortable the whole night. These tights are the shit. So is the necklace.
I don't mind taking photos outside in the snow; there aren't many photogenic places in my house anyway. Just cause it's a tad brisk outside doesn't mean I'm staying indoors.

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