Yay more original work! These are a few things that spit up from my desk these past few days. I'm trying to keep the creative juices flowing! I need more motivation to keep posting here though, I think I can do it though. Hopefully soon I'll have another outfit post up or something. It's just Connecticut has been having some dreary weather lately. I can't stand how early it gets dark.
I'll be making some more collages and posting them here too soon.

Here's some photographs taken by Kyler Zeleny that I found while floating around the interwebs recently. Everything I've been happening upon has been so inspiring to my own interests. I've had a non-stop stream of creative thoughts thrown my way, but I do nothing with any of these inspirations. Too much homework is taking up my time; and the rest I leave to hanging out with friends. I should prioritize if I want to leave any sort of creative mark sometime in my life, shouldn't I...

A little photo evidence of my life as of the past couple of months. It's a shame that half of these pictures I took from my friends as opposed to me taking them. I need to break out my camera, even if sometimes I'd rather be carrying nothing at all. I need to give my friend Todd a hug for always being the one documenting everything, even if he doesn't tag the pictures on facebook. :)
Some of these were taken in my hometown, some were from school in New Haven. 

On Halloween, me and a group of friends went to a punk cover band show called Daggett Street, on (you guessed it) Daggett Street in New Haven. The show was an amazing experience; with the intensity of my surroundings, including the crowd of people and the gross/beautiful/heavily graffitied loft, being an even crazier experience. Next time, I'll have more pictures of it, rather than just a dinky one of me with my cupcake hat and me and my buddy Matt walking up to Daggett.

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