Again and again, I'm here on the floor
the snow is starting to collect
over my eyelids
sing again,
I'm crawling on the ground for you
for when you open your mouth
i'd be damned
if the sun didn't move out of those
clouds, those godforsaken clouds
keeping me in the brisk shade,
under the swallowing tree,
the clouds have captured me.
for my endless minutes waiting and
waiting, for the sun
to emerge from them.
there's nothing like
rubbing up against your pillow
when you're at a loss of what to feel or
wondering if you should have fallen asleep by now.
there's nothing like the grand scheme
of me trying to run around my words
like something is going to come out of it that
maybe you'll want to read
and it can mean
something, it can
mean a lot more than I
think it will, in the end.

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