-Tauba Auerbach, "Static"

With his shopping cart, his bags of booty and his wine, I'd always 

       found him inoffensive.
Every neighborhood has one or two these days; ours never rants at 
       you at least or begs.

He just forages the trash all day, drinks and sings and shadowboxes,

       then at nightfall
finds a doorway to make camp, set out his battered little radio and
       slab of rotting foam.

The other day, though, as I was going by, he stepped abruptly out

       between parked cars,
undid his pants, and, not even bothering to squat, sputtered out a 
       sorrowful disease, 

and that a slender adolescent girl from down the block happened by

       right then, and looked,
and looked away, and looked at me, and looked away again, and 
       made me want to say to her,

because I imagined what she must have felt, It's not like this, really, it's

       not this,
but she was gone, so I could think, But isn't it like this, isn't this just 
       what it is?
-C.K. Williams, "Harm"

Daily dose of culture brought to you by the wonderful artist Tauba Auerbach, equally wonderful poet C.K. Williams, and of course, my outstanding curation of both (and my ability to use interesting, relevant adjectives). I always hear on one hand people discussing how the internet is either going to make us all socially inept, indoor drones, and on the other I hear constant spewing of "INTERNET EVOLVING THE HUMAN RACE AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!" crap. I'm 19 years old, and I've been logged onto the internet since I was 10 (and I'm not internet famous by now?), and I have to admit, I consider my quality of life to be a little bit on the low side when I go multiple days without logging on the computer, like I have been this week. The internet can be linked to almost all portions of my life; like interaction, school, music/art/culture, and self expression. That's why I feel at ease when I have down time to surf the web and find artists like Tauba Auerbach. Even though I'm sitting in my pajamas at my desk, I still feel the satisfaction of a constant, fresh stream of consciousness. This little blurb is kind of all over the place, but all in all, I'm happy I have this stupid little blog to share it, because I can.

Some older photos from this winter. These definitely have a melancholic twinge to them (not just the obvious first photo of Owen with a sad face). I enjoy compiling photos from the same time period that don't have much relation to each other in terms of composition or subject. That's what really lets *nostalgia* feelings/aesthetics form, it seems. I guess the only relation these have is the snow. Even after summer finally started showing its sunny face, I sometimes still feel the cold wistfulness settled in my bones... I guess winter never really ends.

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