This was when spring decided to poke in to say hello, but I haven't seen her since. I frolicked to and from class in the sunlight with my sunset tights and holey sweater and brown lipstick, uncaring of any issues that decided to arise. The sun was here to stay, I thought, and that's worthy of a huge smile. 
Sadly, winter came back in full force with snow, wind, and it's usual 'I'm never leaving the indoors' mindset. I think about spring every day with her shining face and warm air. 
I can't wait until it comes back!

The last photo is a little unrelated, I know, but it was taken when the sun was shining on top of the parking garage, and that is my favorite place to be, so I thought it fit in well with my little ode to spring. 

I can appreciate clean lines, minimalism, the color white, simple architecture; things like that. That's why the courtyard in my local mall is so appealing to me. Everything I'm around has the mindset of "more is more" and I'm not feeling it, although that is how I'm accustomed to dressing...
When things don't have too much going on, my mind has room to breathe, and that is what I enjoy most. Simple aesthetics. After I came home from winter break I had a major crisis and got rid of a LOT of my stuff, and goodness it felt good.
Out of sight, out of mind. 

Empty parking garage adventures forever and ever. On sunny Wednesday afternoons, I find my good friend Todd (we call him Kimba--longest running joke of my friends) and we go up to the top of the parking garage for a little sunlight fix. Being inside all winter definitely does stuff to your well-being, and this is our little escape. Even if it's still cold. 

This is a pretty normal outfit for me. My furry coat from Forever 21 (super steal too!) keeps me nice and warm. The fresh prince hat is stolen from my friend Chris and the bandana is from my friend Jack. Borrowing from your weirdo friends is my cup of tea. Who knows when I'll give either things back. How many times did I use parentheses in this post? 


I can't handle this.

Bjorg's recent release of their s/s '13 jewelry collection and lookbook is so baffling to me right now. It's amazing how the dramatic photography manages to not take away from the designs. First you notice the stunning composition, then your eyes wander to that necklace shining through the darkness of these pictures. What a reaction this brought me! The images bring a 15th century, renaissance-y aesthetic to mind, while still maintaining relevance and modernity with the clear, digital images and use of photoshop.
Round of applause! Now where can I get the money for those glasses?

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