Hello! This is my first of what I hope to be many blog posts. My name is Taylor Nicole Richards, and I'm from central Connecticut. I have many ideas for this blog and I hope it becomes a successful, creative, productive outlet of mine as opposed to blankly scrolling on tumblr and twitter for hours, frying my brains. The above is what I look like.

I want this blog to be a fashion blog, a personal diary through photos and words, and a place to expose my creative endeavors in things like art, poetry, and creative writing. Maybe having somewhere to put everything would be a motivator to be productive.
Hopefully this blog will make me seem more interesting than I actually am. Maybe I shouldn't admit that. I'm going to college in New Haven, Connecticut in a month. This will be a place where I chronicle my slow-moving journey to the big NYC.
That's all for now, whoever ends up reading this other than myself, have a wonderful day!

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