These were taken last fall, shortly after I got my job as a sales associate at American Apparel downtown. I was very excited about my lips print, and at the time, I posted some instagram photo of myself in this outfit saying something about how "femininity rules" mainly because there's lips on my shirt and lips=femininity. 
I've been feeling many feminist things lately, and I've also been feeling bummed about my lack of voice in that department. That's why I'm back to this little blog. I'd say I'm still in the early stages of being a feminist (even after a few years of identifying with the label), where I'm constantly reminded of little things in media and in the streets of my place in culture as a ~woman~. I'd like to say that people who have been feminist for the greater portions of their lives grow an even *greater* awareness that makes it possible for her/him to not always feel so anguished by feminism's acknowledgment of social issues pertaining to women, but there's another part of me that also acknowledges that those anguished feelings might lessen, but will never go away.
I'm still young, so I'm still figuring things out.

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