Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist whose "truisms" are publicly displayed in large-scale for whatever passers-by to see, read, and take in. Last part optional but highly likely. She's displayed her work through means of LED displays, billboard ads, architectural displays, building projections, and, my most favorite, her marquees. The style of her truisms/displays/art/words brought up topics of politics, [underlying] feminism, social norms, and violence. Many truisms and series held an authoritative voice over the reader, and often explores the psyche with her short, easy to read phrases/words that are REALLY good at picking at you. I love the way she challenges society, authority, media, and criminal acts in such a simplistic yet powerful manner; language as art. She's very arresting to wandering minds. Read more about her here.

I'd love to know how she managed to rise to the top though. My dream would be to interview her one day. Thanks for being so goddamn interesting, Jenny.

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