This is product of me running around with a couple cameras and a lot of ambition. The last three were taken with my phone using the trusty Camera+ app. It was really fun running around in a bunch of different spots trying to get a good shot, even though it took me forever. I'm pretty happy with the turnout though.
This is the bright as fuck hat that I literally stole from my friend Tye. He was one of my first friends coming to college, and he lost one of my favorite hats. He only stuck around for not even a full semester, then slipped away forever... and left this hat with other friends. I thought it was only fair to take it for myself.

I'm wearing an urban outfitters sweater, h&m jeans, dolce vita boots, h&m jacket. 

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  1. Love that your pants have pops of red; it looks great with your black outfit + bright as fuck hat haha. And yeah, that tends to happen in college. Definitely don't talk to a lot of my freshmen friends anymore.



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